Warehouse and Supply Chain

An effective supply chain is essential to competing in the global market and networked economy. From raw material procurement to delivery to the end user, every step of the supply chain must operate like a well-oiled machine. One break in efficiency can derail the entire system. Winmate's full line of rugged mobile tablets, handhelds and fixed-mount devices improves production efficiencies, safety, and security. Our devices allow you to manage assets, production time and distribution with ease, optimizing the supply chain and reducing costs.

Warehouse and Supply Chain

Features :

  • Vibration & shock-proof Design, essential for all vehicle-mount computers
  • Compact design, provides greater visibility to a drivers improving safety
  • Field serviceable design
  • Smart ignition control, prevents the device from instantly shutting down or needlessly running when the vehicle ignition is turned off
  • Enables easy installation in the best possible location on the forklift

Product Offering :

Application :

Vehicle Mount Vehicle-Mount