Winmate provides total solution for information display and computing for railway transportation. In the control room, Winmate offers displays of various sizes, and a full array of mounting options for limited installation space in trains. For computing needs, our EAC computer box provides I/O, thermal, and anti-shock requirements in a train. In addition, for passengers on board, we have displays to show timing information, as well as playing back entertainment or advertisement clips.


Features :

G-win and Panel PC

The G-win display system allow the conductor to monitor vehicle status, and in conjunction with the powerful computing platform of the EAC boxes which provides connectivity to various device such as analog I/O units, GPS, audio and wireless modules, the conductor can get real-time status of the railway system through out the entire journey.


For the purpose of reliable video recording and real-time video monitoring, our industrial grade EAC boxes provides various connectivity such as Ethernet, Wi-Fi, to connect to various IP cameras.

With its high performance processor and wide variety of connectivity, providing quick information update and processing for passengers on board.

Product Offering :