G-WIN Vehicle Mount Display

TTX G-WIN rugged series fully sealed IP65, sustains shock and vibration, and features anti-corrosion coating. Designed for logistics, fleet management and heavy-duty vehicle automation.

R08T200-VMU1 R08T200-VMU1  
8.4" G-WIN Vehicle Mount Display  R08T200-VMU1

Touch(Optional)  : 4 Wire Resistive/ 5 Wire Resistive

R10L100-VMT2 R10L100-VMT2  
10.4" G-WIN Vehicle Mount Display  R10L100-VMT2

Touch(Optional)  : 5 Wire Resistive/ IR Touch

W12L100-VMM9 W12L100-VMM9  
12.1" G-WIN Vehicle Mount Display  W12L100-VMM9

Touch(Optional)  : 5 Wire Resistive

R15L100-VMC3HB R15L100-VMC3HB  
15" G-WIN Vehicle Mount Display  R15L100-VMC3HB

Touch(Optional)  : 5 Wire Resistive

R19L100-67FTP R19L100-67FTP  
19" G-WIN Rugged Display  R19L100-67FTP

Touch(Optional)  : Projected Capacitive